Arts and Culture of Delhi

The national capital of any country is considered to be the drawing room which reflects the art of living . And so is Delhi. It is also the foremost reason to make it the cultural capital of India. Since the Mahabharata times to modern India, Delhi has occupied a unique place for the social-economic and culture development of India. Despite such a variant legacy, no other dynasty has put such dynamic imprint of its culture on Delhi as Mughals. In fact, The greater Mughals has transformed it entirely. Even today, we can sense their cultural contribution in monuments, gardens, museums, etc. Britishers too, immensely contributed to the architectural glory of India. Precisely, we can say that New Delhi is the creation of British Raj.

Cultural life in Delhi is clothed with colourful festivals and ceremonies. Since the city is a cross section of the Indian society, Delhiites celebrates all most all festivals with much enthusiasm. Delhi Festivals symbolize the ethnicity and custom of the entire nation. The significant Festivals in Delhi are Dussera, Diwali, Maha Shivaratri, Baisakhi, Lohri, Holi, and Christmas.

Diwali and Dussera gains slight prominence among the other festivals. Dussera commemorates the victory of Ram over Ravana. It marks the triumph of virtue against vice. Renowned as the festival of lamps, Diwali is an occasion when the entire city would be glittered with the brightening light of diyas and candles. Although India holds a meager population of Christians, Christmas in Delhi is a spectacular event.

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